Welcome to Valley Group Of Houseboats , Srinagar , India

Valley Group Of Houseboats

Valley Group of Houseboats is a 4 star property located at the Dal Lake, amidst the picturesque surroundings of the hills and valleys. These palatial houseboats are elegantly decorated with intricately designed walls, flooring and upholstery. Stay in elegantly decorated rooms classified into deluxe, super deluxe and premium categories. The rooms are equipped with a satellite television, radio, heater and back up generators. While all rooms are elegantly furnished and have an attached washroom, the super deluxe rooms also have a bath tub. The premium rooms enjoy additional amenities such as tea / coffee maker and mini refrigerator. The houseboats are fully equipped with kitchen facilities and barbecue grills. Some also have a microwave oven, washer / dryer and water slide. Guests can relish some mouth watering delicacies ordered via room service.


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